Bondo Motorcycle Gas Tank

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Bondo Motorcycle Gas Tank. You can build it up thick but its likely to crack and deform as any polyester based resin will shrink substantially during cure which can be a long long time for a thick build-up of Bondo. Sand down the excess and ensure the filled dent is flush with the rest of the tank.

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Im repainting my gas tank metallic black soon and im wondering if the vibrations and bumps would make the bondo fall apart. Factory Effex Graphic Tank Pad Carbon Fiber Tank Protector 15-57220 Anti-Scratch. The best paint to use on a motorcycle gas tank is Dupli-Color aerosol spray paint.

There are specific products for patching gas tanks.

Bondo is not made for gasoline contact. Prep and paint your tank as desired. Pretty much planning on restoring the way it looks n make it shine maybe resell it over the summer. Im a emblem kind of guy.