Build V8 Motorcycle Transmission

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Build V8 Motorcycle Transmission. Making The V8 Trike an attainable goal whether you choose to do it a stage at a time or turn the key. Aurora Hellfire OZ26 At EICMA.

Gangrene Russian Guy Uses V8 Lexus Engine To Build Custom Motorcycle
Gangrene Russian Guy Uses V8 Lexus Engine To Build Custom Motorcycle from

We start with a fully race prepped two speed powerglide transmission we have a. Build a new lightweight subframe from tubular steel incorporating a new set of struts mounts to support the struts. Recently we ran across this latest V-8 from Oz the PGM V8 which is the brainchild of Pat Maloney.

By creating a small compac V8 engine and gearbox specifically for a motorbike our engineers can iron out the issues such as effective but compact radiator cooling counteracting the gyroscopic engine forces by inline mounting the V8 on the bike 4 exhausts on each side.

New the tranny was 305800. If the circa-1937 135-cubic-inch V8-60 60 was for its horsepower rating was a little underpowered in an automobile its much less so when pushing this 730-pound motorcycle around. It will take a working knowledge or willingness to gather a combination of metal craft measuring cutting grinding and welding also to include motorcycle and automotive principles. I have owned it for 25 yrs.