Bul Kathos Wedding Band

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Bul Kathos Wedding Band. I know the ring drains 04 life from enemies around you current health of the monster s and that it heals you for 1 of your max health per second. Yith_compare_button Bul-Kathos Wedding Band.

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BUL-KATHOS WEDDING BAND Ring Required Level. Having a hard time actually to long boring time to kill bosses with my Crusader on solo GR43. The healing effect is 1 of your maximum life per second as long as an enemy is nearby.

Bul-Kathos Wedding Band is a unique ring from Diablo II.

Better than a rare if you get good rolls but otherwise insta-salvage. The band is fairly known for a couple affixes. 3 Life stolen per hit. Firstly the life drain affix leeches 04 of monsters current not maximum Life healing 1 of the bearers maximum Life but no more than the amount drained per procThis effect is afflicted on all monsters within 15 yards.